5 Crazy Online Ideas that Made Millions

The internet has opened up many different opportunities to make a lot of money online. Sometimes someone will come up with an idea that seems to be totally off the wall and crazy. Yet some of these ideas have proven to be very lucrative. It is hard to say what will be the next hottest idea to hit the net. Here are 5 crazy online ideas that made millions for those that came up with them:


Ebay was a crazy idea when it first came out. Who would have thought that an online auction site could be so profitable? It seemed like Ebay became a household name almost instantly. Millions of consumers all over the world that had access to the internet could now view thousands upon thousands of items to purchase, at the click of a button. Suddenly, it opened up the world trade market to the home consumer and small business owners. Ebay makes it possible to buy from and sell goods to, people across the globe. The items are capable of being sold in new or used condition. The company makes a small commission on each item sold on its site. When you consider the thousands of sales being made on the platform each second of each day, it is easy to see how Ebay quickly made millions with its crazy online auction idea.


Netflix brought the movie rental business into the new millennia. It defines the concept of what streaming video means to many people. Netflix offers an online video viewing platform, but also allows you to choose from a list of movies not available online that you can rent and have delivered right to your home. For a low monthly subscription price you can view as much streaming content as you wish, and you can check out and exchange as many movies as you want each month. You can have any kind of movie or video game delivered right to your front door. The monthly subscription rate is based upon whether or not you want home rental and on how many DVDs or Blu-rays you wish to have checked out at a given time.

Netflix also offers an option that provides only streaming content and no movies are shipped to the home.They may have started this revolution, but now there are many competitors offering streaming online video content as well. The innovative idea of online rentals and streaming video has truly been a moneymaker over the last decade. With low subscription costs, these advancements in home entertainment have basically put most of the local home video rental companies out of business.


Paypal has made it possible to pay for goods, send money to friends and family and get paid at the touch of a few buttons. PayPal enables the user to sell and purchase things without the transfer of banking account information. People are transferring money all the time on PayPal. There are some companies in the online world that only accept PayPal for transactions. It has changed the way the world does business. PayPal has made millions because they get paid a transaction fee for every money transfer that occurs on the site. Sometimes the fee is paid by the sender and sometimes by the receiver, but someone always pays for each transaction. When you think about how many transactions are occurring on the site each day it is easy to understand how PayPal quickly made millions with its crazy online currency idea.


Facebook was an innovative concept. When it was first proposed, most people thought it would never be feasible and if it was, it would never catch on. Contrary to all these dire predictions, Facebook is unbelievably successful. It created the social networking world. People can more easily connect with and follow the lives of their friends and family, in ways never before possible. It was not long before companies started using Facebook to help promote their businesses and stay connected to their customers. The site is great for networking as well, as employers can easily learn about the upcoming job candidate before the interview.

So how did a social media site end up generating billions of dollars? The simple answer is ad revenues. Companies pay Facebook to place ads on their site. With the amount of people that use Facebook on a daily basis, it has become a marketers dream come true. For each person that clicks one of these Facebook advertising links, Facebook gets a commission. They have raised significantly more income by adding premium video game subscription options to the website. The games are affordable and downright addictive.


YouTube created a completely unique video sharing platform that has opened up new avenues of opportunity for people to express themselves. It has changed the way people exchange information with one another. YouTube is used to educate and to entertain. If there is anything you want to learn about, you can probably find a YouTube video that will instruct you on how to do it.

YouTube makes money by charging advertisers to place ads on its site. Ads are inserted prior to videos being played. You would be surprised how many ads are viewed on a daily basis. The really cool thing about YouTube is that it now offers content providers the opportunity to earn some of this advertising revenue for themselves, if their content is popular. This encourages the top producers to continue adding new content to the site every day and encourages visitors to return. The more traffic the site receives, the more money it makes from its advertisers.


The above examples just go to show that any idea can prove to be profitable, if enough people in the online community support it. Creating new online concepts and launching them can be a very challenging undertaking, but if the idea takes off, there is a possibility of it generating you a great deal of money. It all really depends on the ever changing needs of the online community.