Kindle or Pocketbook-Which one is Better

With so many new E-book readers on the market today, it is very hard to make a decision on which one to purchase. Two brands seem to stick out among the rest. The first one would be the Kindle, which was released by Amazon in 2007. Now other companies are joining Amazon and developing e-readers of their own.

Features of a Kindle

Kindles were one of the first electronic handheld gadgets designed with the ability to download full electronic books. Once a book is downloaded from Amazon onto the Kindle, it can be opened and read at any time. To download e-book you will need to have amazon kindle account, but it totally free to create. Some of the features that make the Kindle stick out from the rest of the E-book readers on the market include the following

  • Kindles have a changable text size
  • Unlike a laptop, a Kindle never heats up
  • The Wi-Fi is built in
  • Most feature a 6” display screen or higher
  • An avid reader can stockpile up to 1,400 titles/books
  • Features a rotating screen for optimal viewing capabilities
  • Kindles come with a page turning attribute that resembles that of a normal book
  • They are at the very least 3G capable
  • PDF compatible

Which is the Best Kindle available in 2017

There are a few types of Kindle E-book readers available on the market. The one that ranks at the top would be the Kindle Paperwhite. The features that come with this reader are remarkable.

  • The Paperwhite is capable of having thousands of books saved on the device at a time with its 4GB memory capacity
  • Completely wireless, no need for a computer
  • Quick charge time of just four hours
  • Equipped with a 6” display
  • All content from Amazon can be saved to cloud for free
  • Good battery life
  • It comes with a 300 ppi resolution for crisp text
  • Built in light makes reading possible anytime
  • Comes in two colors

Introducing the Pocketbook

The second name that sticks out would be the Pocketbook e-book reader. Developed in 2008, the Pocketbook began distribution mainly throughout Europe. Since then, Pocketbooks have become known worldwide. While not available for purchase in most stores in the U.S., the devices can easily be shipped within a few days through most online retailers. Pocketbooks are well known for having the ability to open a variety of different file formats, which makes them very convenient for reading anything mostly anywhere.

  • Come equipped with a 6” display or higher
  • Can open a variety of file formats
  • They come with built in Wi-Fi
  • Comes with built in file convertors to enable reading and transfer of mostly any file format
  • Easy to use touchscreen

Which is the best Pocketbook in 2017

While there are many different Pocketbooks on the market, most are still not readily available in the U.S without being imported. The best of these Pocketbooks is the Pocketbook Touch Lux 3, and here are the reasons why

  • The Touch Lux 3 comes with an internal memory capacity of 8 GB
  • It is equipped with a microSD slot that can hold a maximum of an additional 32 GB
  • Can open 18 different file formats for books without use of a file converter
  • Has aprocessing speed of 1 GH
  • A file converter is also equipped on this device, which enables it to open some file formats that other E-Book readers are not able to open

So Which is Better

Pocketbook brand E-Book readers are able to open a lot more file formats then the Kindle. Being able to open more file formats will enable the reader to view and select many more options. The Pocketbook Touch Lux 3 also provides more storage, as well as comes with a MicroSD slot for those readers that 8 GB of internal memory won’t satisfy.