Smartphone or Superphone – What is the Difference

What is a Smartphone

A smartphone is a mobile device that enables you to do more than just make phone calls and text while you are out and about. These nifty little phones allow the consumer to do so much more. Smart phones permit the user to go online, download apps, play music, watch videos, instant message friends, video conference with others, take photos and videos and so much more. Basically, they are small computers that fit in the palm of your hand. You can take them anywhere and use them in any location that has a connection. Like a computer, many of the applications and features can be used even if you are not online and have no phone signal.

When you are in a public place one day, take a look around. Chances are, mostly everyone around you will have a smartphone of some sort in their hand. Whether they are playing a game, talking with a co-worker, texting, checking their bank account, taking a selfie with a friend, looking at the weather forecast or changing their social networking status… it is truly hard to say. Over the last decade smartphones have been integrated into everyday life. No matter where you look, everyone has a smartphone. More and more are being activated each and every day. Some people even suffer from increased anxiety when they are separated from their phone or when they lose connectivity.

What Makes a Smartphone a Superphone

Although there is no concrete definition of what a smartphone needs to include in order to be considered a smartphone, here are some basic criteria the cellphone should have if you are going to call it a smartphone:

  • A smartphone must function on an open operating system
  • They have to be able to allow internet browsing
  • They require an app store for downloading software
  • They require a higher processor than a cell phone does
  • They should have a large display
  • They must have music playing capability
  • Smartphones should have some sort of navigation system
  • Video capture and playback should be available
  • They should support the ability to use one or more applications at a time
  • They should be able to sync emails
  • Smartphones require instant messaging capabilities

Similar to computers, smartphones must utilize an operating system. IOS and Android are some of the most common operating systems found in smartphones today. Smartphones are even starting to replace GPS units as you can easily download a free navigation application in a matter of seconds. Most of the new phones come standard with a GPS application already installed when you purchase it.

Another characteristic common to all smartphones is the infamous touchscreen display. The addition of this feature truly made a smartphone smart. Never before had using a phone been so much fun and so easy to do. The touchscreen has all but eliminated the need for the qwerty keyboard and the annoying multi tap button. Today, most people own smartphones.

What is a Superphone?

A superphone is a mobile phone that can pretty much do everything a smart phone can do, only better. The superphone was designed to fill the needs of the tech savy individuals that were not satisfied with the features of your typical smartphone. This never ending need for better technology and features has caused the smartphone industry to flourish.

In order for a smartphone to be considered a superphone, the phone should have at minimum the following features:

  • It must offer social networking applications
  • It must be capable of providing 3G or 4G technology
  • The superphone should have a large screen size of 4” or more
  • It should have at least a duel core processor installed
  • It must have an internal processor speed of at least 1 GHz
  • It should contain a 3D graphics accelerator
  • A quality camera with at least 5-8 MP must be included
  • The superphone requires 720p HD video capture and playback

With a larger screen, the superphone makes it easier for you to watch all your favorite shows without having to strain their eyes. A large display mixed with a 3D graphics accelerator makes a superphone superior for an online video gaming experience. This is an important selling point, which is very important for some buyers. The duel-core processor combined with 3G or 4G technology enables the superphone to operate at a much higher speed than a smartphone. This allows faster internet browsing and download speeds to be possible. The superphone is also better for taking high quality pictures and video. While smartphones do have picture and video taking capabilities, superphones provide HD video capture and a minimum 5-8 MP image resolution.  With all these features consolidated into a single smartphone, it is no wonder why these devices have coined the term…superphone.

Difference Between the two

The answer to the question of what’s the difference between the two is simply put; a superphone is a smartphone with all the bells and whistles.  The features included with a superphone make them superior to smartphones in every way possible.

Another key difference between a smartphone and a superphone is of course, the price of the phone. There are a lot of smartphones on the market with basic functioning that have become very affordable. Most people have one, including most children as well.

With all of the features and benefits that come with a superphone, it is expected you will pay  more for this type of phone, when compared to the price of a standard smartphone. It all really depends on what the phone is needed for. If you only need the phone for minimal browsing, calling and texting functions, a smart phone is the perfect bet. These smartphones might not be the best for people who are seeking fast online gaming action, high speed internet browsing and fast download speeds. If you desire a little more bang for your buck, superphones provide consumers with a much better experience, and are well worth the extra money.