The Pretty Awesome Future of Drones

It is pretty common to hear about drones. There are many small drones available on the consumer market for the drone hobbyist. FAA restrictions have not permitted drones to be used for commercial applications. There has been a lot of pressure on the department to loosen the use restrictions on drone technology. If this happens, there is going to be a pretty awesome future of drones. This technology has the ability to help save lives, time, money and the environment.

Drones can Help Fight Fires

Drones can be used by fire departments to get an overhead view of a scene. This can help them develop a better firefighting strategy. Infrared cameras can pick up hot spots to help finish putting out the fire. This could save the lives of fire fighters because they do not need to wander around these dangerous burnt out structures trying to visually identify these hot spots they need to address.

Forest fires can more closely be monitored in real time by using drones. They can direct where to allocate resources and offer real-time views of crews operating on the ground. This information may be vital for saving the lives of the fire fighters if the direction of the fire changes or it intensifies.

Law Enforcement is Deploying Drones

Law enforcement officers are using drones more frequently. They are more cost effective than traditional helicopters and they offer a few advantages. They are quick and maneuverable, they have high definition cameras and they can also use infrared technology. Drones help law enforcement track suspects and enforce laws more efficiently. The number of police drones in operation will continue to rise as this technology becomes more widely available.

Search and Rescue

Drones have been deployed by police departments and forestry service personnel to aid in locating lost children and adults. The drone technology is useful for searches over sea or land, and the infrared cameras can help detect body heat in order to help searchers find lost individuals in a shorter period of time.

Drones Are Used to Promote Real Estate

Drone overhead footage of a prospective home is becoming expected by real estate customers. Many realtors are turning to drone technology to film a listed property from above in order to help market the property to potential buyers. This is currently a very popular real estate trend, but it is currently illegal to operate drones in the U.S. for commercial use.


Drones can be used for Applied Engineering

Engineers are using drones to get an aerial view of a worksite as construction is occurring. The cameras can capture the detailed geological topography of an area to assist engineers in project planning. These cameras can take high resolution images of bridges and other structures that need to have maintenance issues addressed. This can help supervisors determine what resources they will need to complete a job before they reach the location.

Drones can be used for Mapping

Drones can also be useful for mapping applications. Ariel drones can capture very detailed geographical data including 3D images, accurate elevation readings and provide digital surface modeling.

Drone Technology Can Revolutionize Food Delivery Services

The food delivery service industry is hoping it can use drone technology to offer faster, more accurate, home delivery options to its customers. Domino’s pizza is one of the companies that is trying to make drone technology viable for customer home delivery. One report stated that Dominos was able to transport two hot pizzas via drone to a home 4 miles away in 10 just minutes. If this technology becomes commonplace, I would expect that we will see a huge demand for delivery services since they will be so much faster than before.

Drones Can Help Drivers and Commuters

Drones are very useful for monitoring traffic conditions. They can send alerts to the proper authorities when traffic jams or accidents occur. This will allow first responders to reach those who have been injured in a car accident even sooner. Drones can also provide maps using laser mapping technology, which will also help improve response time.


So as you can see, there is a pretty awesome future ahead for drones. These are but a few examples of how this technology will affect our lives. Hopefully, we will find that drone technology of the future will be used in many beneficial ways.